Saturday, March 20, 2010

Serge Ermoll's Free Kata - The New Language of Music, Vol. 1 (1976)

Following on from last week's Louis Burdett album, here's the first in a two-part set by Free Kata. I picked this up from somewhere or other ca. 1992 (might have been Bob Gould's shop in Pitt St near Ashwood's) for around $5.
The line-up here is Serge Ermoll, piano (centre in the picture); Eddie Bronson, saxophone (right), Louis Burdett, drums (left).
Recorded October 10, 1976. Released on the Free Kata label. Catalogue # KATA 002
[no, I don't know what KATA 001 was]

I had seen a newer incarnation of Free Kata around about the time I bought this record, featuring Serge Ermoll (who was the band leader), Louis Burdett or John Pochée (depending on who was available), Matthew Clare, the son of the jazz writer John Clare (aka Gail Brennan) and a bassist whose name escapes me (sorry). I think Sandy Evans might have been in the line-up occasionally too. Eddie Bronson, who seemed to be such an integral part of this early band, was at that time playing around with another band, Ear-Rational music, featuring a young Oren Ambarchi and Robbie Avenaim on drums (don't own any of Eddie's recordings I'm afraid). Apparently Bronson, Burdett and Ermoll reunited as Free Kata in 2003 with violinist Jon Rose. I was completely unaware of this till I googled it just now.

This recording has a flying by the seat of your pants feel that's quite thrilling, and captures something of the intensity of their live performances. Volume two features the same instrumentalists, with some improvised poetry by John Clare (gadzooks!). Will try to rip that one too when I get around to it.

A1: The First Movement (17:50)
B1: The Second Movement (19:30)

These albums with side-long tracks sure are easy to edit :)

320kbps mp3

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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Louis Burdett/Lucien Boiteux - Existence is Proof (1978)

I saw a copy of this go for over $200 recently on eBay, which is partly what inspired me to start this blog. I picked this up in the early 90s, probably at Glebe markets, for around $6.
Louis Burdett is somewhat of a living legend in Australian jazz/improv, and has a reputation as a great drummer and - shall we say - a bit of an eccentric.
I was a big fan of his work at the time, having seen him perform at the Strawberry Hills Hotel with Clarion Fracture Zone, Free Kata and austraLYSIS, and was tickled to find this record, with its plain white sleeve, adorned by cheap, photocopied liner notes and a hand-drawn crayon sleeve design.
Louis is an absurdly talented drummer, with an incredible facility for playing polyrhythms. Not quite sure what to make of this album, on which he is credited with "drums, piano, flute, voice and body percussion." It is credited both to Louis and to the pseudonym Lucien Boiteux (which is spelt "Boiteaux" on the record labels)
This is on the Fringe Benefits label, and is undated, though the eBay listing mentioned above dates it from 1978.
Track Listing:
A1: Love through action (22:08)
B1: Erased and raised (22:55)
320kbps mp3

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*Addendum: 12th June 2010.
I just noticed on the Clarion Fracture Zone album on which Louis plays, Zones on Parade, that a drum overdub on one track is credited to one Lucien Boiteux.


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