Sunday, November 21, 2010

Normal Service Will Be Resumed...

Sorry about the lack of activity here lately. I've recently changed my stereo to a surround system (yeah: I know, I know...), and thought I'd be clever and get the one with a phono input. Turned out the phono input, not so good. So I've got myself a proper phono stage (well, it was the cheapest one in the shop, but it sounds good to me anyway). I should be able to do a few more needledrops now, that is if kids' birthday parties, Christmas and the cricket season allow.
The first rip with the new phono stage is the Otterloo/SSO Stravinsky LP below. I'd actually composed the post and ripped the LP before heading out to buy the new amplifier, but realised when I got home to edit the audio tracks (actually, while unplugging the stereo amp to pack into a box) that I'd had the turntable wired up for mono playback. Live and learn, eh?