Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Blind Idiot God - Blind Idiot God (1987)

So here's a tasty little sucker from the SST label. I first heard of Blind Idiot God when John Zorn namechecked them in the liner notes for his Spy vs Spy Ornette Coleman tribute album. It struck me as a cool name for a band (apparently it's taken from H.P. Lovecraft - thanks Wikipedia). Certainly it's a memorable one, and when I came across a couple of their albums some time later (they only made three) I picked them up, and think they're pretty cool.

They were a power trio from St Louis, Missouri, and managed to get themselves in with the Downtown scene in New York. Hell, I won't bore you with the details that I just found on the internets - you can look it up yourselves. What I will say is that to my knowledge it's unusual for a hardcore band to begin their debut album with a quote from the introduction to Stravinsky's Firebird, and to perform a cover of an old Meters single (there's a Funkadelic cover on their second album, which I will also put here if this one proves popular).

Aside from the hardcore, funk and classical influences, there are several dub-influenced tracks on side two. If you like this, might I also suggest Dub Trio for your dancing and dining pleasure.

A1: Stravinsky/Blasting Off (2:16)
A2: Shifting Sand (3:42)
A3: Tired Blood (4:56)
A4: Wide Open Spaces (4:59)
A5: Subterranean Flight (4:46)
B1: [I Need] More Time (2:37)
B2: Dark & Bright (4:51)
B3: Wise Man Dub (4:33)
B4: Stealth Dub (4:43)
B5: Raining Dub (5:01)

SST Records, USA, 1987. Cat # SST 104

Andy Hawkins: Guitar
Ted Epstein: Drums
Gabriel Katz: Bass

All songs by A. Hawkins & B.I.G. except I Need More Time by the Meters, Wise Man Dub by G. Katz & B.I.G.

Recorded at B.C. Studios Brooklyn, NY January & February 1987 by Martin Bisi.
Produced & Mixed by Martin Bisi and Blind Idiot God.
LP Mastered by John Golden at K-Disc.

320kbps mp3
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