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Blind Idiot God - Undertow (1988)

Since the first album has been so popular, here is the second one. This time they had a big-name producer in the substantial shape of Bill Laswell. The material still veers between full-tilt hardcore (with fancy chords and time signatures), dub and funk. 'Alice in my Fantasies' is a cover of a Funkadelic song. I'm sure I heard this on the pre-gig tape of a show by Oren Ambarchi many years ago, recognised the Funkadelic tune, but had no idea who was playing. I picked up this album a couple of years later (I think I actually found this one in the £2 bin in a shop in London) and the mystery was solved. I was on a bit of a Bill Laswell kick at the time, since he was putting out a lot of interesting stuff on his Axiom label, and recognised Blind Idiot God from the John Zorn namecheck mentioned in the previous post. Zorn actually made a guest appearance on the CD of this album, but doesn't appear on the LP. I think the track with Zorn was from a 12" 45 of 'Sawtooth' (which I do not own).

BIG made a third album after this, which was only released on CD in Japan. They also appeared (as a commenter last time noted) on Praxis's Sacrifist album, another Laswell project.

A1: Sawtooth (2:22)
A2: Clockwork Dub (4:29)
A3: Atomic Whip (4:28)
A4: Watch Yer Step (3:14)
A5: Drowing (6:03)
B1: Major Key Dub (4:10)
B2: Alice in my Fantasies (2:56)
B3: Rollercoaster (4:36)
B4: Dubbing in the Sinai (3:49)
B5: Wailing Wall (3:05)

Ted Epstein: Drums
Gabe Katz: Bass
Andy Hawkins: Guitar

Recorded & Mixed at B.C. Studios by Martin Bisi, May & June 1988.
Produced by Bill Laswell.
LP mastered by Howie Weinberg at Masterdisc.

All songs by A. Hawkins except 'Alice in my Fantasies' by Eddie Hazel and George Clinton.

Enemy Records, USA. 1988. Cat # EMY 10

320kpbs mp3
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