Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Larry Coryell - Scheherazade (1982)

Another quickie.
This is something of a companion piece to the last entry (at least the two were paired on a CD release many years ago). Coryell's solo arrangement of Rimsky-Korsakov's Scheherazade.

After the previous post, a friend of mine sent me a clip on the Youtubes of Mr Coryell from this period playing on the late, lamented Sounds Unlimited with Donnie Sutherland, and the late, unlamented Hey Hey It's Saturday. Pretty crappy quality, unfortunately, but worth a look nonetheless.


A1: The Sea and Sindbad's Ship (6:52)
A2: The Story of the Kalendar Prince (4:43)
B1: The Young Prince and the Young Princess (4:42)
B2: Festival at Baghdad - The Sea - The Shipwreck (6:08)

Philips, Japan, 1982. Cat #  30PJ-6

Larry Coryell: Guitar.

Recorded February 12, 1982 at CBS Studios, New York City.
Engineers: Tim Geelan, Ted Brosnan, Harold Tarowsky.
Producer: Teo Macero.
Vinyl mastering by JVC Cutting Center

320kbps mp3

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Technical Note:
I now have a proper 24-bit/96kHz sound card to record this stuff. If there's any interest I can post hi-res rips of this stuff from now on. No point doing it with this one, though, since it's an early 16-bit digital recording and seems to cut off around 24kHz (ie it's recorded at 48kHz)