Saturday, April 28, 2012

Do Over

Since Fileserve chickened out of the file-sharing business, most of these rips have gone offline. I have received some requests for re-ups of a couple of rips, but I thought it better to re-do them using improved hardware and software (and methodology).

So without further ado, go to the original posts for re-rips of this post and this one.

I will re-up the other recent files if the new host stays in business till next week.

I will re-do some more of the older posts too, depending on any requests received and wherever a whim might lead me.


  1. Well, this blog has some amazing records posted and i'm a little bit sorry i just discovered it today...if you accept requests i'll say the two Serge Ermoll's records and the louis burdett record, your words about them made me curious. Thanks so much for this blog.