Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tin Machine - Tin Machine II (1991)

I'm not sure why Tin Machine gets such a bum rap. Great band on paper: you got Reeves Gabrels on guitar, plus Hunt and Tony Sales, previously seen as the rhythm section for Todd Rundgren and on Iggy Pop's Lust for Life. And the front man's not half bad. It's not like anyone's going to argue that Mr Jones didn't need a circuit-breaker after Never Let Me Down and that Glass Spider malarkey. In many ways, Tin Machine paved the way for Bowie's "comeback" albums of the 90s and beyond.
And yet, this album in particular seems to have fallen off the edge of the world.

OK, the Roxy Music cover is a bit naff, removing all the tension and drama that made the original so great (and "I would come all day?" Really? Did nobody think to check the original lyrics?). And maybe giving Hunt Sales two lead vocals is taking the illusion of band democracy a little too far, but there's some great material here, and some jaw-dropping shreddage by Mr Gabrels.
And still Mr Bowie seems to have disowned it. OK, it's not Ziggy Stardust or Low, but neither is it Tonight or Labyrinth.

Seems the LP of this one was only released in Europe, so I guess this is a bit rare.

Victory Records, UK, 1991. Cat # 828 272-1

David Bowie – lead vocals, guitar, piano, saxomophone
Reeves Gabrels – lead guitar, backing vocals, vibrators, organ
Hunt Sales – drums, percussion, backing vocals, lead vocals on "Stateside" and "Sorry"
Tony Sales – bass, backing vocals
Kevin Armstrong – rhythm guitar on "If There Is Something", piano on "Shopping for Girls"
Tim Palmer – percussion, additional piano

Produced by Tin Machine and Tim Palmer
Recorded (somewhat to my surprise) at the old EMI Studio 301 in Sydney in 1989 and in Los Angeles in 1991.

A1: Baby Universal (3:18)
A2: One Shot (5:12)
A3: You Belong in Rock n' Roll (4:08)
A4: If There Is Something (4:45)
A5: Amlapura (3:46)
A6: Betty Wrong (3:48)
B1: You Can't Talk (3:10)
B2: Stateside (5:38)
B3: Shopping for Girls (3:44)
B4: A Big Hurt (3:40)
B5: Sorry (3:39)
B6: Goodbye Mr. Ed (3:24)
B7: Hammerhead (1:00)

All songs written by Bowie/Gabrels, except A4 (Bryan Ferry), B2 (Bowie/H. Sales), B4 (Bowie), B5 (H Sales), B6 (Bowie/Sales/Sales) and B7 (Bowie/H Sales)

Update, 6/9/12
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24-bit/96kHz FLAC Side 1 Side 2
16-bit/44.1kHz FLAC
320kbps mp3


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  3. Hello! I've long heard about the awful awfulness of Tin Machine, and although I haven't listened to each track of this yet, I gotta say it sounds okay to me, in a predecessor-to-Outside way.

  4. Hi there! I loved Tin Machine (1) back in the day, but Tin Machine II was rare to find in my locale and so I NEVER did get it, and the live album was simply not available at all in my region. Anyhow... any chance to get the broken links on this one re-posted? I'm after 24-bit/96kHz FLAC Side 1 in particular. Thanks.