Monday, September 10, 2012

Scientist Rids the World of the Evil Curse of the Vampires (1981)

I want bloooooood!

Greensleeves Records, UK, 1981. Cat # GREL 25

A1: The Voodoo Curse (3:48)
A2: Dance of The Vampires (3:26)
A3: Blood on His Lips (3:00)
A4: Cry of The Werewolf (4:25)
A5: The Mummy's Shroud 4:29)
B1: The Corpse Rises (3:27)
B2: Night of The Living Dead (4:14)
B3: Your Teeth in My Neck (4:39)
B4: Plague of Zombies (2:49)
B5: Ghost of Frankenstein (3:21)

Produced & Arranged by Henry Junjo Lawes
Rhythm Tracks laid at Channel One
Mixed at King Tubby's by Scientist at midnight Friday 13th June 1981*
ROOTS RADICS as themselves
Bass- Flabba, Drums - Style and Santa, Rhythm Guitar - Sowell and Bingy Bunny,
Keyboards - Gladdie, Ansel and Winston, Lead Guitar - Bo Pee and Alan,
Percussion - Scully, Sticky and Sky Juice, Horns - Deadly Headley, Dean and Nambo.
Mastered by Ray Staff
Cover - Tony McDermott.

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320kbps mp3

*actually a Saturday  - DS